10 things I’ve missed in the UK

Now that I’m back on British soil, I’ve come to realise what I’ve missed about the place and what I once took for granted. Although Thailand is the ‘Land of Smiles’ with oodles of sunshine, warm waters, stunning islands, fascinating culture and friendly people, there’s nothing like the comforts of home. I’m obviously leaving behind a lot of brilliant memories, friends and my beloved moped, but I’ll be back to Koh Lanta, come the next high season.


Here’s my list of ten things I’ve missed in the UK…in no particular order;

My family
Since I’ve been away, my family has grown – I have a new nephew who I haven’t met yet. Thankfully, lots of my family kept in touch with letters, cards and the family WhatsApp group but seeing everyone in the flesh will be awesome. I┬áhave a month or so to catch up with everyone before my next adventure.fam

I cannot express how much I love a bath. A real good soak with fragrant bubble bath, candles and a glass of wine…heaven.

My dog
Leonard the Beagle. I really miss his enthusiasm when he sees me, his velvet soft ears, excitable tale and his gorgeous face. I mean, who wouldn’t miss this adorable mutt?!Len

My friends
Of course, there’s been WhatsApp messages/call/videos/voice notes, FaceTime, Skype, OoVoo, Facebook messenger and e-mail but nothing beats a face-to-face catch up and a massive cwtch (translation: hug/cuddle). I’ve missed not only my pals, but a Christening, a hen weekend, a few pregnancies, gigs and an album launch, so there’s loads to catch up on.

A proper cup of tea
In a china mug. The tea bags here aren’t ideal and the milk makes a cup of tea taste odd (or maybe it’s the Thai water?), so I’ve been sticking to black coffee. Get me a mug of Tetley’s pronto!

Listening to The Archers
I am constantly on BBC iPlayer catch-up trying to keep up with the story line. So it’ll be excellent to listen in real-time.

Driving my car
I didn’t think I would, but I miss driving, with the radio on and the window down. It makes a change from riding the moped with the burning hot seat and sun in my eyes.jim

Proper roast potatoes
To be honest, I’ve missed a proper Sunday roast, but I’ve missed roast potatoes with gravy the most. Oh, and maybe stuffing too. Although there’s a good restaurant that does Sunday roasts on the island, I miss making my own.

Cool evenings
Falling asleep in a hot room, with the window open and fan on full whack is not ideal. Sleeping in a cool room with a proper duvet and pyjamas is amazing.

Going for a run
I attempted to run on the beach in the evenings back on Lanta but it was still too hot, and too dangerous to run at night, in the dark. Running up and down the hills back home will do me the world of good.


2 thoughts on “10 things I’ve missed in the UK

  1. You have capture the important things and made me realise the ordinary things in life are to be treasured,for me seeing you and having a catch has been such a joy,I look forward to more memory making in Camlyn.

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